Every girl grows up thinking about her wedding day and pays attention to the finest details. Her dress, her makeup, her jewelry, the venue, the food, the decorations, the music and the guests-she has thought about it all. It’s not just any girl who does it. You did it, I do it and probably all the other girls, just like you and me, do it too. With this piece I wish to help the girls, thinking about their weddings with great precision. Gone are the times when wedding was just a ceremony where the uncles and aunts managed everything, now it’s something which is thought about in great detail. Gone are the days of a simple wedding. These days’ people are looking for an ‘X’ factor even in their weddings. Destination weddings and themed weddings are topping all the charts. Today, people want to make this auspicious day of their lives as special as humanly possible. These days, people don’t shy away from spending money; they just want this particular day to be the best day of there life. Wedding Theme : ROYAL RAJASTHANI MARWARI INDIAN WEDDING Aman and Harshita Location Palace Ground Bangalore Palace Ground is always known for […] Read More
Are you Planning Destination Wedding? Udaipur might be the right place if budget is not the constrain. Check on overall budget for Wedding in Udaipur and if that match up with how much you are planning to spend before you start exploring other information.  Jag Mandir Udaipur is the most popular and famous place among youngster for destination wedding. This place is surrounded by the Pichola lake, and only access to this place is by Boat which starts from Udaipur Palace. The pavilion at the entry to the palace is an impressive white colonnade of cusped arches. The flower garden in the palace complex is set up in the large Garden Courtyard. It has yew bushes, jasmine, frangipani trees, bougainvillea, palm trees, nasturtiums, verbena and moss rose. The courtyard itself is covered with black and white tiles. Fountains and water pools, crisscrossed by walkways with low marble handrails, bedeck the garden surroundings. An aerial view of Jag Mandir Read More