Many people like myself are addicted to props. I get asked many times over facebook or whats app that where I find props from new borns  and how I choose them. I consider prop shopping a hobby. My favourite places to find unique props include Baby Oye or First cry or Local markets, where ever and when ever I see something interesting I just pick it not just before shoot so, in that way I have ample stock to use it later. Keep it simple use only 1-3 props ! Remember you don’t want to compete with your subject. Newborns are tiny and delicate and they should be the focus of your image not the prop. Wraps I have several wraps and use them at each newborn session. Wraps are great for starting out a session. In general most newborns love to be wrapped. Many babies don’t like to have their hands and feet free and the wrap gives them some comfort and security. If you have a newborn that is awake wrapped shots are also a great way to get them posed nicely with their eyes open. For those who are not comfortable with having their newborns posed in their birthday […] Read More