The year is coming to an end. I’d like to thank each and every client, and the entire RN Pictures team, for their tremendous support and effort. To mark this New Year, we’re bringing to you the new possibilities, new ideas, and tons of fun!!! Be a part of RN Pictures family this year, to capture the memories for the lifetime! To show my gratitude I am launching a Free calendar from my travel shoots Which anyone can use for Non-Commercial Purpose. So feel free to share with your family and friends. You can download as  Zip file Link is in below. Have a Preview below, for me it’s a treat to the eyes. Read More
In this episode you will learn How to Merge Multiple Photo to Make Panorama Image using Lightroom and Photoshop. Subscribe to my Channel to receive my videos weekly on Advance Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorial Follow on facebook Follow on Instagram Read More
What is white balance? White balance is the process of removing and realistic telecast so your image will appear and render with the correct color. In order to correct the white balance we need to understand the color temperature of a light source which means, how relative is the warmness or the coolness of your light source, understanding digital white balance can help you to avoid the colour cast and improve your photo under a wide range of light condition The benefit of shooting in RAW files over JPEG help us a lot to correct white balance even in Post-processing of the Photos. RN Pictures Bangalore Based Photographer Service based company can help you in correcting the off white balance of your images in Wedding, Pre- Wedding, Corporate, Commercial and Travel Image Correction with the help of Post procession and editing the photo in Photoshop and Lightroom using various editing method such as shown example in the above tutorial. We also do photo editing services for exposure correction, photo manipulation, fashion photo retouching, old photo restoration, photo Montage, Collage of a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image, family portraits, wedding, pre-wedding, maternity new born […] Read More
I am a self taught photographer who has  learned all about photography and Post processing using many Online and Offline resources  over past 12 years. I was always thinking how can I give back to (Photography) society, I am starting a series where I will be sharing whatever I have learnt so far. I might be not  to frequent but you can always ask anything on any topic, I will be happy to help you. In my this post I will explain what are the main 6 Basic light pattern in photography,  which you can use to make different  mood  and  feel by just adjusting your light. Read More
A holiday is a great opportunity to shoot a wide range of new Place & Subjects in all sorts of different weather and light conditions. If you just want to record memories you could leave your SLR camera on auto or use point and shoot. However, if you’d like to come back home with a good collection of vibrant and dynamic images that best capture your experiences and the people and places you visit, the following tips will help you improve your travel photography. 1. Choose the Right Camera and Lens for Travelling There are thousands and thousands of Camera and lens available in the market and as a beginners  it is very necessary to  understand and choose the right set of camera and lens and other equipment.   You don’t need to buy so much expensive cameras and lens but if you serious about photography you should start with  Mid Range Entry level Camera and Lens I recommend to start with Canon 700D with Basic Zoom lens 18-135mm ,  55-250 mm and 50MM Prime. These 3 lens are not much expensive and give you a wide range to cover almost everything to start  your passion, Including Landscape, Close up shoot and […] Read More