I am a self taught photographer who has  learned all about photography and Post processing using many Online and Offline resources  over past 12 years. I was always thinking how can I give back to (Photography) society, I am starting a series where I will be sharing whatever I have learnt so far. I might be not  to frequent but you can always ask anything on any topic, I will be happy to help you. In my this post I will explain what are the main 6 Basic light pattern in photography,  which you can use to make different  mood  and  feel by just adjusting your light. Read More
2016 was fantastic year for rnPictures at many levels, it gave us great opportunities to reach nation and international  clients.  Won Multiple awards and recognition across the globe and celebration of the vibrant photography community in India. We have compiled some of our favorite photographs from 2016, which includes wedding, Couple, Travel and Commercial Photography, tell us in comment section which one is your personal favorite. Read More